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EMF detector (for ghosts)

0.99 usd

The application uses the camera and the magnetic sensor of the phone to analyze the signals and display the various levels close to her mobile magnetic induction.EMF detector (for ghosts) includes:- Indicator of magnetic fields, also indicates the magnetic flux density in micro Tesla (µT).- Fast Using the camera to take pictures.- Take pictures and share them on social networks pressing a button.- Activate the flashlight device.- Vibration when it detects a sharp increase in magnetic flux density.- Background mode to use the detector without having the application on the screen of your mobile mode. Detects magnetic fields with your Android device in your pocket or on the table, you will always know if there are variations (EMF) around or where your phone is located. It will send a message to detect a sudden increase in magnetic flux density, vibrates if the vibration is activated.- Graphic with magnetic flux density detected in micro Tesla (μT).- Arrow indicates the highest density of magnetic flux.- No advertising.
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Note that no warranty of accuracy, because the application uses the various sensors of the device, which depends heavily on the accuracy and quality of the terminal. The results of this application can not be verified scientifically, so the application must be used for entertainment purposes.